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“CANDLE COMPANY A” A customer engagement app solely dedicated to augmented reality made for a hypothetical candle company (“CANDLE COMPANY A”)

The Problem: A candle store has lost foot traffic and wants an interactive way to keep customers engaged with their brand.

The solution was to create an augmented reality app that is part playful and part practical - this sets Candle Company A apart from their competitors and keeps their customers interested in their brand. The app also makes it easy for the user to access Candle Company A’s website at any time via the SHOP button. 

How the app is playful:

The Scent Button

How the app is practical:

The Burn Time Button

The Scent Button

Candle Company A’s labels are very simple with no reference to the scent profile of each candle.  

When the label is scanned by the user via the scent button, in augmented reality the user sees an illustration of the fragrances used in that candle. 

Here is the scent button’s augmented reality scanner in use:

The Burn Time Button

The burn time button “predicts” the remaining burn time that a candle will have. The app does this by reading the black space inside the candle jar between the top of the candle and the wax, and shows a corresponding image to the user in augmented reality. This makes it easy for a user to know how much life their candle will have left and if they should purchase a new one.

Original Wireframes

The scent button was originally going to be represented using an icon of a nose outline. User testing showed that it was hard for the users to distingush that it was a nose; a flower icon was created instead to represent the scent button.

Here is a quick video of the app in use:

Made with: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Spark AR, Pocket